On a jeep safari in Yala National Park

The jeep safari in Yala National Park, near Tissamaharama, truly exceeded my expectations. I didn’t expect to get super close to the animals (the elephants were literally right next to me), let alone see a leopard three times in a row. We started out in the dark and saw the sun rise over the beautiful lakes while we spotted numerous birds. Later we continued the ride through the park until we suddenly bumped into a leopard. First it ran away quickly but our super smart guide knew exactly where it would appear again and he managed to follow the leopard around. It was really an amazing experience.

Tissamaharama travel information

  • Transport: We came by train from Haputale.
  • Stay: We stayed at the wonderful Lake Edge Holiday Inn. The hosts were great and they set us up with a great tour through Yala National Park.
  • Things to do: Visite the park!
  • Food: We always ate the hotel as there was nothing else around.

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