Nice to meet you

Hi, I’m Laura!


I’m an apple juice fanatic & ad monkey for a living (just to be sure: I only make a living out of advertising, not out of drinking apple juice … yet) who will spend her last money on travel and food.


The little things I love are typography, crunchy paper & typing sounds. I also have a sweet spot for passionate people (yes, even if your passion is collecting candy wraps) and local entrepreneurship. This means I will always try to support local initiatives and businesses when I can.


Next to my day job I’m also a photographer and designer. Not by education, but by heart. An ad girl by day and an art girl by night. Looking for sweet spots in seemingly ordinary things. Focusing on the little details, letting people discover a new world within the one they already know. A piece of stairs, a doorknob, shadows on the floor, neon signs, …  All little parts people often overlook, but they all contribute to the soul of a place.


It probably sounds corny but I believe you need to look for the beauty in the ordinary every day. I try to put the spotlight on details or abstract forms in my photography. You can also call it “uncommon travel photography where you often don’t recognize the place where it’s taken” (sorry – no full Eifel Tower in the picture) but I hope you can still catch part of its soul in it. It’s my way of showing “life is a playground”.


An overview of my work can be found here.


From February ’14 until March ’15 I travelled through South-East Asia and the travel bug hasn’t left me since.