Exploring Haputale’s tea estates

We didn’t pick Ella as our “tea estate” destination but decided to opt for the smaller town of Haputale. For me the most impressive part was actually the train ride to Haputale: you pass through numerous tea fields in the mountains, it’s really the prettiest sight. Our trip to the Dambatenne Tea Factory was a nice excursion as well and I’ll never forget how we got lost in the tea fields close to town: we needed to climb over a garden wall with the help of one of the locals to escape back to town (because there really was no way back anymore).

Haputale travel information

  • Transport: We came by train from Kandy.
  • Stay: We had a great view over the tea estates from our hotel, the Haputale Holiday Bungalow.
  • Things to do: Take the bus to visit the Dambatenne Tea Factory or take a walk through the estates close to town.
  • Food: There’s not much choice in Haputale: we went to the Risara Restaurant every day.

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