Celebrating the Perahera Festival in Colombo

The Perahera Festival is all sorts of amazing together: big adorned elephants waltz through the streets together with dancers, acrobats and musicians in beautiful costumes! I didn’t know where to look first…


Colombo travel information

  • Transport: We arrived in Colombo by plane.
  • Stay: Chamenka Guest House was located conveniently close to the beach in Mount Lavinia, a bit outside Colombo. The train ride to Colombo is a real treat as the tracks run right next to the ocean.
  • Things to do: Due to the festival a lot of shops, etc, were closed so we just wandered around the city a bit to spot heritage buildings like the Cargills building & the old town hall.
  • Food: Nothing special to recommend but we liked La Voile Blanche (nice pastas, I know, not really Sri Lankan food) on the beach.

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