Meeting the tarsier in Bohol

Next to diving we had one more exciting (yes, exciting!) mission in Bohol: to find the tarsier and see the chocolate mountains. So on a day off diving we rented a motorbike for a day out and we weren’t disappointed: the tarsiers were super cute!

Bohol travel information

  • Transport: By boat from Puerto Princesa.
  • Stay: The lovely Royal Paradise Guesthouse in Panglao. It’s not close to town but it’s located in a nice and quiet street not far from the sea. We also got breakfast in the garden every day.
  • Things to do: Go diving (we went with the lovely Island Adventure Dive Center: the owners are great!), visit the tarsiers and the chocolate mountains.
  • Food: There are many open air (grill) places to choose from.

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