Stuck in El Nido during a storm

Next stop on the diving route was El Nido. I don’t have to say about the town: our hotel was centrally located and I feel we only saw the (super) touristy part of town. We chose this option to stay close to the dive shops but I didn’t really like it and I’m not inclined to come back. Unfortunately we even got stuck longer than anticipated thanks to a small tropical storm that also left us without electricity for almost 2 days. This is one time I regret not having explored the island further.

The diving was nice though and I guess that was the most important part.

El Nido travel information

  • Transport: By boat from Coron.
  • Stay: The simple “Mezzanine” with very simple rooms but with a great terrace & view.
  • Things to do: Go diving! We went with Adventure Scuba.
  • Food: The Mezzanine has a nice restaurant for the evenings and the Artcafe is good for breakfast & lunch.

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