Searching for spider web rice fields in Ruteng

While we were crossing Flores we decided to have short stop in Ruteng. There’s not a whole lot to see in the town but we decided to rent a motorbike and look for the spider web rice fields. It turned out to be a bit more difficult than we thought. We met a bunch of young boys on motorbikes who told us they knew where the best view was but in the end they just took us to their village. It still was a nice experience though, sitting with their family in their small house with the whole town joining us and looking at us. Eventually we found the spider web rice fields as well, right when we were about to give up.

Ruteng Ruteng RutengRutengRutengRutengRutengRutengRutengRutengRuteng

Ruteng travel information

  • Transport: We took a luxury minibus from Labuan Bajo to Ruteng.
  • Stay: The crappy but somehow interesting Rama Hotel. The owners weren’t nice either and the rooms cost way too much but it’s such a strange hotel (looked like it came straight out of the Goonies movie) that it kind of was nice as well. A strange kind of nice.
  • Things to do: Not much but to drive around with a motorbike and look for the spider web fields.
  • Food: Not so many options around, we just walked into a random warung that looked decent.


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