Watching Mount Bromo from Cemoro Lawang

I can’t say I liked hiking up a mountain in the dark, or the transport from or to Cemoro Lawang (or Cemoro Lawang itself for that matter) but seeing Mount Bromo was simply spectacular. We didn’t feel the need to hike the actual vulcano, watching it from a distance felt like the better option and when we saw all the small jeeps on the dusty plains I think we made the right decision.

Mount Bromo - Cemoro LawangMount Bromo - Cemoro LawangMount Bromo - Cemoro LawangMount Bromo - Cemoro Lawang Mount Bromo - Cemoro LawangMount Bromo - Cemoro Lawang

Cemoro Lawang / Mount Bromo travel information

  • Transport: It was a looong day: Yogyakarta > Probolinggo by train. From Probolinggo > Cemoro Lawang by minibus (we had to wait for other tourists so the bus could be fully filled before it would leave). The next day we wanted to go to see Kawah Ijen and for that we joined an organized group but only paid for transport. This way we could get there in one day and not lose time along the way.
  • Stay: We stayed at the very basic Budi Homestay. I didn’t really sleep, but we had to get up at 4 am anyway to start the hike. It’s right at the beginning of the walking trail so the location is perfect.
  • Things to do: Hike & see Mount Bromo!
  • Food: The simple noodle soup inside the homestay was fine. There’s not really a village or anything, so that’s all there is 🙂


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