Exploring cozy Yogyakarta & doing the Borobudur sunrise thing

I expected Jakarta-proportions but Yogykarta was actually quite cozy and even charming sometimes. We explored the city on foot and there were quite some gems to find: climbing over walls to spot Taman Sari after opening hours, discovering the Sumur Gumuling well and its surrounding streets and enjoying calm evenings in the Via Via Café (yes it’s actually a nice place, full of tourists – yes – but nice) around the corner of our pretty hostel.

Next to that we hired a motorcycle to drive to Borobudur in the wee hours of the morning (when else?) to catch the sunrise. It’s funny how it’s actually an “all-in” arrangement from the hotel nearby: they let you in all at once and you receive a “complementary” drink and scarf (with temple motif) afterwards. On the drive back we bought some typical mouth masks not to drown in the fumes on the road. I got one with a panda on, obviously.

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Yogyakarta travel information

  • Transport: Officially (which may sound weird, but actually kind of makes sense) we took the motorbike + bus from Batukaras to Bandung to fly out of the country (to Kuala Lumpur) and then back into the country to Yogyakarta. Why? Our visa was running out and we didn’t want to lose time getting a new one one + taking the train. Flying out (& in) was actually easier (we got a new visa right away) and it saved us time.
  • Stay: Kampoeng Djawa is in a great location and it has a wonderful little garden as well.
  • Things to do: Walk around the city (Taman Sari + Sumur Gumuling & the surrounding streets) and get to Borobudur of course!
  • Food: Around the hotel are many good restaurants.


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