Talking Dutch in Jakarta

Jakarta was everything all at once: big, hot, colonial & new. Our hotel was close to the new business district where whole new worlds were created inside big towers: resturants, shops,… most spare time was spent inside because outside it was just too hot. But the old part of the city was beautiful as well and shouldn’t be dismissed. Colonial buildings, the shipyard and an older inhabitant who could still speak dutch… we even bumped into an older shopping building that had a nice mix of traditional shops and new creative and second hand shops… it’s all part of Jakarta’s charm.

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Jakarta travel information

  • Transport: By airplane from Medan.
  • Stay: All Seasons Jakarta Thamrin Hotel in the Sudirman area (with plenty of dinner options in the surrounding towers).
  • Things to do: Visit one of the big shopping / restaurant / shop towers at night, take a stroll through the old part of town & the shipyard (Sunda Kelapa Area) during the day and take a taxi to the covered old shopping market (with new shops) “Pasar Santa” in the Senopati area.
  • Food: Mie.Chino at Pasar Santa


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