Meet Phnom Penh’s New Khmer architecture

I’ll always remember Phnom Penh for its architecture. We combined a few walking routes and filled our days with taking pictures. There are some amazing buildings from Vann Molyvann to be spotted. Most of his buildings even survived the Khmer Rouge! Unfortunately a lot of other buildings have been destroyed in the rush to modernize. I hope the government understands soon enough that it’s a part of their patrimony they need to protect.

Read more about Phnom Penh’s architecture here:

Central Market Phnom PenhCentral Market Phnom PenhPhnom PenhIn the streets of Phnom Penh In the streets of Phnom PenhPhnom PenhPhnom Penh National Stadium Vann MolyvannPhnom Penh National Stadium Vann MolyvannUniversity Phnom PenhUniversity Phnom PenhUniversity Phnom PenhUniversity Phnom PenhPhnom PenhPhnom Penh Royal Palace

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