Relaxing between the trees in Banlung

I have to be honest, we didn’t do much in Banlung. It wasn’t a boring place, it was actually just perfect to sit back and relax. We got ourselves a nice little tree hut with a terrace and only went out twice. Once to discover the local market and the town. The second time we rented a motorbike and went looking for a Buddha on a hilltop and a volcanic lake.

The lake is a perfect spot to hang out on hot summer days. We met a local guide (en route with other tourists) who told us more about his town. It was a heartbreaking conversation about how he saw the forests changing: more and more trees were disappearing. Because he wanted his son to know how the place he grew up in used to be like he was making videos of it. It’s true we saw a lot of deforested land, making place for rubber plantations. I hope companies don’t push it too far and leave some land as it is.

Banlung fields Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake in Banlung Walking around Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake

Banlung travel information

  • Transport: In & out by bus, which is the only way. We always reserved our tickets at the hostels where we stayed.
  • Stay: The wonderful Tree Top Ecolodge which has a fantastic terrace and a decent cuisine. There’s a nice staff as well that will help you with all your requests (motorbike, other transport,…)
  • Food: The great Café Alee down the road of the restaurant. Their food is simply delicious, the texts in their menus are hilarious and the owner’s really nice. Parts of their profit goes to a good cause.
  • Things to do: Visit the local market or spend a day at the Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake.

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