Singapore, an urban jungle with history

Singapore felt like an American city with a longer history. There’s the urban maze of high rise buildings to get lost in and the hyper modern Marina Bay Gardens combined with streets being cleared for saté stalls in the evening and a fair share of Chinese shop houses with cute stores and restaurants.

Although I didn’t feel much for the city when I was in it (it was a bit too modern all at once I think) I do feel appreciation for it in hinsight. The combination of the modern and the old is actually quite appealing.

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Singapore travel information

  • Transport: In by plane and ouy by bus to Melakka, Malaysia. In the city itself we walked and took the subway.
  • Stay: Hotels were all quite expensive so we opted for a stay with Airbnb. We ended up in colorful Little India, right next to the subway. It turned out to be the perfect spot to explore the city.
  • Food: The Bukit Timah Market (food court) &  satays on the street between the highrise buildings downtown.
  • Things to do:
    • The show near Marina Bay Sands in the Gardens by the Bay is quite impressive.
    • There’s a pretty shopping street (Haji Lane) with Chinese shop houses that have cute local stores in them (fashion, vintage, decoration,..)
    • Uniqlo!
    • The view of the city at the walkway near Marina Bay Sands.
  • Budget: We spent € 45.50/person/day ($49), making Singapore our most expensive in South-East Asia.

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