Blast to the past in Penang

Penang is probably the only place in Malaysia I really liked. The Chinese shop houses and temples scattered around town are simply gorgeous and you have a direct access to a lot of artisans who welcome you into their workshops.

The wall paintings and “art” installations throughout the city sometimes felt a bit fake though; probably because of the hoards of tourists surrounding them. We didn’t really feel an urge to pose next to them so we sticked to spotting old shop houses and eating the most delicious local food.

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Penang travel information

    • Transport: In by plane, out by bus (to the Cameron Highlands)
    • Stay: 33 Stewart Houze has the kindest owners and is located in the center of town (right across the Seven Terraces Hotel: my second picture). Rooms are small but clean and have a shared bathroom.
    • Food: Tek Sen, and Tek Sen again and again and again. Their food is so good, I still think about it now. Come early, get on the list and wait until a seat is free. Definitely try the pig trotter! We also found a small noodle shop in Little India (on a corner). I’ve forgotten (or probably just couldn’t read) its name but I did find it back on Google Maps. It’s right across a beautiful white three story building with wooden shutters.
    • Things to do:
      • Explore the World Heritage Site
      • Stroll through Little India
      • Visit every workshop you find open
      • Visit the Sun Yat Sen Museum (3rd picture)
      • Find one of the many perfume shops and have your favourite one made
      • Visit the Chinese Khoo Kongsi clan hall and temple (2nd & 3rd last pictures)
      • Walk to the water side and have a rest under the trees
      • Eat the amazing sesame balls they’re making in various shops (Jin doi or Jin tui) & make sure they’re fresh! (last photo)

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