Kuala Lumpur, just passing through

To be honest, I didn’t really like Kuala Lumpur. We were there twice and although the second time felt nicer it isn’t a city I would recommend going to.

Kuala Lumpur feels old and not the good kind of old but the 80’s golden skyscraper kind. There are no real pretty parts and it feels as everyone is just passing through.

If you do find yourself stranded in KL, these are the only things I would recommend:

  • Beef ball noodle soup in China Town
  • Coffee (or in my case soda and cheesecake at VCR)
  • Shopping at the MUJI store
  • Gazing at the Petronas Towers at sunset and afterwards to get a nice serie of pictures
  • Buy cheaper camera stuff at Plaza Low Yat.

Petronas Towers Beef ball noodle soup Homes in Kuala Lumpur

 Kuala Lumpur travel information

  • Transport: In by bus and out by plane. The new terminal (with almost only AirAsia flights) is super easy to reach (by bus) and is actually nice to be at: there’s a great supermarket & some good restaurants as well. In the city itself you can walk easily to places or take the metro.
  • Stay: Raizzy’s Guesthouse has clean rooms with free basic breakfast at a good location in Chinatown at a decent price. Bathroom is shared but modern and clean. Ask for a room upstairs at the left.
  • Food & things to do: see above.

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