Lake and mountain views at Inle

The drive from Bagan to Inle was a pleasant one: winding up the mountains again in search for cooler air (this time in a local bus). The last few kilometers leave you craving for the lake while you drive through numerous rice fields.

The lake itself was nowhere to be found though. All guesthouses are located in Nyaungshwe and the lake can only be visited by… you can probably guess it already… boat!

We had the sweetest guesthouse owners who set us up with a kind boat man. Imagine a narrow boat with two big wooden seats lined up behind each other and optional umbrellas to protect yourself from the splashing water from other passing vessels.

The all known image of the “cone fishers” on the lake was hard to reproduce as most fishermen use a big net which they hold with both hands while wrapping one foot around one of the paddles to keep on moving.

The mountain range around the lake was the most stunning part for me. That and coming close to fishermen and locals in their boats.

The included/obligatory tour around the floating market and shops didn’t really add much to the experience buy hey, the day had to filled…

Inle lake MyanmarThe beautiful mountain range surrounding Inle lakeFisherman on Inle lake MyanmarAround the lakeGirl paddling around the lakeHouse around the lakeMonk paddling around Inle lakeOur boat on Inle lake canalsBridge near the village at Inle Lake

Inle lake trip summary

  • Transport: By bus from Mandalay.
  • Stay: The lovely Golden Empress Hotel.
  • To do: Visit the lake! We asked for an extra stop at the Maing Thauk Bridge. Don’t miss the unique cultural experience of Aung’s Marionette Puppet Show.
  • Food: I can’t say it better than how it’s quoted on Wikitravel: Wat Tao. The owner is one of the friendliest and most humble persons you can meet in Nyaung Shwe. He serves the most amazing and fresh aubergine, potatoe and beans dish in the cutest little restaurant, which is named after his youngest son.
  • Shop: The local market.
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