Taking it slow in Mandalay

The train ride from Yangon to Mandalay was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before: scorching hot weather, no aircon and no fans. We were melting away in the fluffy chairs, buying frozen water bottles to put on our legs and in our neck and taking pain killers for our heath headache (no kidding). Yes, the windows were half open but it was the wrong half: the bottom side was closed so no fresh wind could get in.

Traveling in a lower class would probably have been a better idea: they didn’t have any windows! Unfortunately didn’t know that upfront and sitting on a wooden bench for 15 hours didn’t sound that attractive.

Because the heath in Mandalay was even worse than in Yangon we took it slow and only explored a handful of spots in the city.

CityscapeTea houseThanaka sellerGardenClean cutTempleWooden templeWooden temple

Mandalay trip summary

  • Transport: A not so fun 15hr train ride from Yangon.
  • Stay: The Fortune Hotel: breakfast is included and you have it on the top floor in a nice and light space. Ask for a room with enough day light. The rooms are basic and not so big but there’s daily cleaning and good airconditioning. The hotel is located not far from the train station.
  • Food: Lashio Lay is a Shan restaurant and they have some super delicious dishes (pork belly!).The Chinese tea house on the second photo has delicious noodle soups. Their place is not far from the hotel: walk towards the train station and go right on the second crossroad, the restaurant is at your right side.
  • Sights: There’s a nice market at the clock tower and if you follow the street you’ll end up at a pretty pagoda as well. There’s also a stunning wooden temple you can visit.
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