In the land of Havelis

A visit to Rajasthan isn’t complete without wandering through the many Havelis scattered around the region. These private mansions were once a status symbol for the Marwaris and no expense was spared to decorate them lavishly with bright and stunning paintwork. Not all of them have stood the test of time well. Many are inhabited by multiple families now, trying to make a living by asking tourists for a small fee to visit what’s left of the once so glorious homes.

Haveli in MandawaHaveli in MandawaHaveli in MandawaHaveli in MandawaCASTLEHaveli entranceDetail of the artworkHaveli artworkHaveli courtyardDetail of the artworkDetail of the artworkDetail of the artwork

In the land of Havelis trip summary

  • Transport: We took the train from Jodhpur to Bikaner (where we stayed two nights) and then we took the local bus to Mandawa. In Mandawa we rented a car  (with driver) to drive us to Fatehpur and Ramgarh to visit the best Havelis. Afterwards we took a local bus to Churu to continue our travels by train.
  • Places to see: We wandered around Bikaner where you can see some lovely Havelis from the outside. Those are the first pictures you see. The detailed paintwork is from the Havelis in Fatehpur (where you can find the famous “Nadine Le Prince” Haveli) and Ramgarh. Most Havelis ask a small entrance fee to visit them.
  • Stay: In Bikaner we stayed with the kindest man: the Camel Man. In Mandawa we stayed at hotel Shekhawati. They also organized the trip to the Havelis for us. The hotel has a lovely rooftop restaurant with some delicious dishes to try out!
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