Lucknow, an unexpectedly beautiful stopover

We only had an afternoon in Lucknow, passing through from Varanasi to Agra. For the first time since our arrival it was rainy in India. We welcomed the cooler weather to explore the city at a faster pace than usual. Lucknow has a lot of history you can explore in a short time.

The Residency in LucknowChildren playing at the Bara Imambara.Bara ImambaraBara ImambaraShopkeeper in LucknowArtisans in LucknowCrafts of LucknowMan stamping fabricsA door in LucknowHouse in Lucknow

Lucknow trip summary

  • Transport: We came in by train from Varanasi, on our way to Agra (also by train).
  • Stay: Hotel Raj had clean rooms and an attached bathroom plus 24h check-out (which means: we arrived at 11pm and could stay until 11pm the next day if we wanted to).
  • Things to do: See the Bara Imambara (which was still free, if you wanted to go through the maze you needed to buy a ticket which we didn’t do), take the walking tour through the city mentioned on National Geographic and visit the Residency.
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