Travel vaccinations and meds


On the website of the Tropical Institute of Antwerp you can easily find which shots you need before you leave. We went for the whole shebang (better safe than sorry right?) and had to frequent the Institute (with each time 1hr of waiting, even if you already popped in at 13h30 – come early and bring a book!) for the booster vaccinations.

An overview:

  • A Hep B booster — € 26.73
  • Typhoid vaccination (only good for 3 years so needed another one since my last trip) – only needed when you’re away longer than 3 weeks – Read more (Dutch) — € 26.02
  • Japanese Encephalitis: 2 shots (1 & 28) – only  needed when you’re in rural areas for more than 3 weeks – Read more (Dutch) — € 166.56
  • Rabies: 3 shots (1, 7 & 21/28) – not taking any chances with this one, not really fond of wild dogs and monkeys — € 117.42

Total: € 336.83 (+ € 20.92/consultation but your standard health insurance pays a great deal back)

Other ones you need, but I already got them:

  • Hep A (once you had 2 shots, you’re protected for life)
  • Polio, tetanus, diphtheria (once you had 1 shot during your childhood, once booster protects you for life)

A dutch overview of all vaccinations can be found on the website of the ITG.


Here’s is a list of what we’re taking with us:

  • Ebastine – Against allergies
  • Domperidon  Against stomach ache and nausea
  • Loperamide – Against diarrhea (antibiotic)
  • Lacteol – Also against diarrhea (probiotic)
  • Paracetamol – Against pain & fever
  • Ofloxozine – Against bacterial infections
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