Touring Kampot’s salt fields

Kampot is a small town in the south of Cambodia. We hung around for more than a week and although there’s seemingly not much to do, we discovered a great bunch of side trips. One of them was exploring the salt fields. We crossed the bridge on our motorcycle and just kept on going until we found them.

The time of the year wasn’t right (the fields were all filled with water) but it didn’t make them less beautiful. At the end of the road we ended up in a small village where we met the sweetest villagers. On of the oldest spoke French and we had long talks over coffee with him while the kids were showing off their water gliding skills on the fields.

On our way to the salt fields in KampotOn our way to the salt fields in KampotOn our way to the salt fields in KampotKampot salt fieldsKampot salt fieldsKampot salt fieldsKampot salt fieldsKids playing in the Kampot salt fields

Kampot salt fields travel information

  • Transport: In & out by motorbike.
  • Stay: In nearby Kampot.
  • Things to do: Visit the salt fields, that’s it 🙂 just cross the bridge in town and keep on going.


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