Malaysia wrap-up: route, transport, visa & budget


Malaysia was visa free for 90 days.

The route

We spent 20 days in Malaysia, split over 3 different visits. There wasn’t really any logic behind our route (hopping in and out the country). These were our stops:

  • Spending a week over Christmas in Langkawi
  • Passing through in Kuala Lumpur
  • Eating delicious food in Penang
  • Avoiding tourists in Melaka
  • Climbing mountains and visiting tea estates in the Cameron Highlands

The budget*

The estimate: $39/day/person (€ 35.45)
The outcome: $25.9/day/person (€ 23.93)
without any flights in/out of the country (but including other means of transportations like public transport and taxi) Our primary expenses were:

  • Stay: 41.9%, not suprisingly our biggest expense, as usual. ($11.13 / € 10.02 a day)
  • Food (breakfast, lunch & dinner): 34.7% ($9.24/ € 8.32a day).
  • Public transport: 5.4% ($1.43 / € 1.29 a day)

* € is accurate, $ depends on the exchange rate.

Time of year

We went on various moments:

  • Melaka & Kuala Lumpur in May: hot days but enjoyable nights
  • Penang, the Cameron Highlands & Kuala Lumpur in August: hot & moist!
  • Langkawi in December: nice and warm weather but cloudy with frequent rain showers

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